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The Christmas visitation

On the Christmas eve of 2018, the Lord Jesus was standing in an open

heaven above Belzoni. The open heaven was invisible to the citizens of

the town, but as people passed by, they felt the glory and love of God.

One of the Redeemed in heaven walked up to Jesus and asked, “Jesus,

why are you standing here?”

Jesus replied, “I’m glad you asked. It’s because I’m going to visit My

people and see what they are doing on My day.”

“Oh,” replied the saint. “That sounds like a great idea. I wonder what

they will do.”

When 6 a.m. came, Jesus descended onto the steps of the courthouse

and began His visitation.

He went from house to house and found that many people had trees set

up with gifts under them. He saw and heard some people talk of Him,

but overall He mostly witnessed the people’s anticipation of getting gifts.

Jesus then openly appeared to one of His nearby servants, Lamar, who

was overcome and fell to his face.

Jesus began to speak. “I have come to this town and I have found the

people celebrating themselves but only a few celebrating Me. I have

been told by My Father that you, your brothers, and your sisters will all

gather in My name. Remember the words that I spoke to you: ‘Where

two or more are gathered in My name, there I am also.’ My word never

returns unto me void and I don’t make promises that I don’t keep. He

has also told me that you will all worship me in spirit and in truth, which

is the kind of worship My Father and I long for! Because of what you will

do I will make an appearance before all of you. My peace I leave with


After that Jesus vanished and Lamar was still shaken to the core by the

Almighty’s presence. He then got up and when the sun had risen, he

went to the scheduled Christmas service at his church. Once Lamar had

arrived, he asked his pastor if he could speak. His pastor gave him the

okay, and Lamar gladly went up to the podium to speak.

He then explained the visitation to the congregation and they started to

all get excited. “Let's worship Jesus right now and invite him into this

place!” Lamar shouted.

Immediately, worship began and the Shekinah glory of God filled the


After only a few minutes of worship the heavens opened and the angels

from His presence descended. Next, Jesus came down visible for all to

see and all that were standing in the room fell over.

Jesus then began to speak, “I have come unto you today because you

have done what I love by worshiping me instead of celebrating

yourselves. You have touched my heart, so I now pour out my spirit

upon all of you!”

And with that the people of God worshiped King Jesus in the spirit

beyond their previous capacity and many saw visions of heaven.

Later in the service, before Jesus left, He told them, “God exalts the

humble as you have experienced here today. Be humble every time My

day comes around and worship Me!”

After King Jesus said this, he left out of the room. But his words never

left those people.

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