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Joe Maxwell, General Editor, is an award-winning writer of numerous books including biographies and histories. He has authored hundreds of articles for publications including The Chicago Tribune, The New York Times Syndicate, The Washington Times, World Magazine and Christianity Today Magazine. He publishes authors--and writes or edits on contract--through his company, LifeStory Publishing. Joe began as a reporter for two suburban Chicago newspapers. He became a assistant news editor at Christianity Today and then national editor at World. He then edited the Cambridge, Mass.-based re-generation quarterly, which won the Utne Reader national top alternative magazine during Maxwell’s tenure. He also has won the following: Suburban Newspapers of America, 1st Place; Inland Press Association, 1st Place; Copley News Association, 1st Place; Florida Magazine Association, 1st Place; Evangelical Press Association, 4th place; Evangelical Press Association, 5th Place; Evangelical Press Association, Award of Merit. Joe received a 2005 IPPY Award for a regional history book. Another history, A Courageous Cause: The Story of the First Ten Founding Years of the Modern Mississippi Republican Party, was nominated for the 2011 Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters’ Non-Fiction Book of the Year. He completed in 2016 A Sister's Love: The Story of the Dominican Sisters of St. Dominic Health Services.Other books by Maxwell include: An Obscure Doctor's Journal, and Amidst the Fray: The Story of Mr. W.D. Mounger and His Republican Years. Joe has profiled scores of top personalities including: Frank Deford; Fred Barnes; Trent Lott; Thad Cochran; Steve Forbes; Alan Keyes; Cal Thomas; Michael Medved; Frank Reich; A.C. Green; Bill McCartney; Amy Grant; Michael W. Smith; Johnny Hart; Jeff Shaara; J. I. Packer; Carl F. H. Henry; John Piper; and John MacArthur.

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