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In my dream, this was the best Christmas

Christmas is my favorite holiday and day of the year. It’s the day

most families and close friends come together and enjoy each other by

eating and observing their traditions. This is also the day that we

celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Christmas is when you’re ready to be surprised with gifts and

also ready to give gifts to others. Usually in Belzoni, Christmas is filled

with the same parties and the sounds of kids playing and their laughter


At my house we all wake up early and keep on our pajamas. Then we open presents and eat while enjoying everyone, especially those who we’ve waited a long time to see. I hate that there are people all over town who don’t have homes and families, and so they have to have dinner at shelters, and they aren’t able to experience the happiness others experience.

But this Christmas Eve, I fell asleep and dreamed of a very different Christmas that would happen.

For some reason, I just knew something great was going to happen because usually it’s cold on Christmas, but this Christmas Day

was very hot and felt like a bright summer day.

Belzoni held a parade on Christmas Day and also gave away

presents at the multipurpose building to all the people in need.

Everyone donated to buy these presents and so everyone could

say that they did their best to make sure everyone had the Christmas

that they wished for.

Belzoni was in every newspaper and all over social media around the state and nation because of the great deeds the community had done on this CHRISTMAS DAY.

I wouldn't have wished for anything else. Seeing everyone

who was usually feeling down on Christmas, but now filled with

joy, made me happy.

In my dream, this was the best Christmas ever. Belzoni being such a great town, many people gave up their Christmas to make sure others had a satisfying Christmas.

I hope you've learned to be appreciative of your town because

your actions determine the outcome.

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