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It is going to be okay.

Let it be okay, because you’re not going to hurt forever.

The pain will eventually subside, and that’s scary,

but only because it’s not familiar.


She’s here.

She’s watching you,

Listening to you,

Being proud of you.

Let her be proud of the man you’ve become,

The man she never got to see grow up.


It’s okay to miss her.

It’s okay to love her,

Because you never got much of a chance.


December is scary.

Hanging Christmas lights on the tree without her is scary,

Going to Canton Lights without her is scary,

And waking up on Christmas morning is painful.

It’s okay to be scared.

You don’t have to be strong forever,

It’s okay to break down.


Listen to me!

I love you,

And so does she.

Be proud of yourself.

Hold your head tall,

Because that’s where she sees you best.

Make her proud,

Because you are the best.

Work hard.

Be kind.

Stop dulling your heartache with damage to your liver,

Or film inside your lungs.


And act like you won’t get a second chance,

Because we know better than anyone,

That you might not.

It’s okay.

She is okay.

You are going to be okay.

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