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He's going to do all of these things

Well, it’s another Belzoni Christmas and nothing much is going on.

As usual, people are singing songs about Jesus being born.

Jesus the Son of God who came down and died for our sins,

allowing us to be born again.

Around this time of year, people sing about His birth,

go to church, and put in the work.

I just hope what they are saying is true,

and not just because they have to.

Because I know in my heart that Jesus is real,

and I seen Him passing just up on that hill,

talking to people with a smile on his face,

showing them His mercy and grace.

I didn't see his face, but I did spend the time,

talking and walking with him in his glory so divine.

I heard what he told the people, so I made haste to tell my family what was about to happen,

and that Jesus was about to reveal Himself in an orderly fashion.

First to the church to judge them, and make sure they weren't doing anything out of place.

Then to every person that has strayed away from faith.

Then to the sinners to see if they will accept him,

and not just put him in a box and arrest him.

He’ll do all these things to make sure there are no hindrances to His presence and glory,

so then we can know the true story.

The story about heaven and paradise so sweet,

the story of his love and kindness that made me so meek.

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