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Dave's dream come true

It was the winter of 2018 near Christmas in the town of Belzoni,

Mississippi, Humphreys County. Everyone was cheerful and blessed.

Christmas was only one week away!

All of the kids were talking about what they wanted for Christmas.

Except for this one little boy, Dave, who wasn’t as fortunate as the other

kids. He couldn’t relate to what the other kids were talking about.

His mother worked at a convenience store that only paid her minimum

wage, so she could only afford the “needs” of life and not the “wants.”

So a student in class, Raymond, asked Dave what he was getting for


Dave started feeling depressed and embarrassed so he told Raymond,

“My mom is getting me the new Jordans that are coming out, the new

Ps4 Pro, and some other things.”

He did this even though he knew it was a lie. He just wanted to fit in and

be cool like the other boys.

Dave went home, where he lived on Pecan Street. HIs house was

falling apart, but his mother always told him, “God will improve our lives

and change things for the better.”

A few days later with Christmas only four days away, school was out

and everyone was ready for Christmas. Dave was at home watching TV

when his mother came home and told him a surprising secret.

“Dave,” she said, “guess what. Today a man came in the store and

asked me would I like to work for him at a workshop. He said I would do

better working with him than at the convenience store!”

At the workshop, Dave’s mother made way more money than she had

at the convenience store. Dave thought, “Wow, what an awesome

opportunity! We get to move in a new house, have new clothes, and

enjoy a better lifestyle.”

Christmas Eve arrived and in their new house they had a brightly lit, tall

tree, with presents underneath.

On Christmas morning, Dave’s mother was happy. Her gift was that she

had a new, good job. As for Dave, he was happy for his mother, plus he

got some nice Christmas presents, including new Jordans.

The little family’s Christmas dreams had come true.

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