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Come on Ella Jane

A little girl is having a pout

because she wants to go out.

It's Christmas Eve;

snow is all she sees.

But this Christmas Eve

she has to see a doctor;

an evil doctor,

the only one on the roster.

His name is Doctor Pepper,

he has spots on his bald head like a leopard.

His hair is very white,

which always gives her a fright.

Dr Pepper is the worst;

she thinks he needs to be in a hurst.

He is basically the Grinch

and when she leaves, he always gives her a pinch.

She wouldn’t be surprised if he stole Christmas;

he’s harder to please than throwing a discus.

He’s a mean as a snake,

and you can tell he likes cake.

She finally gets to the office;

she steps out and feels the softness.

She sees Doctor Pepper waiting,

waiting for all her complaining:

"Mother, Mother, I don’t want to go!"

"Fine," she said, "you can stay out in the cold."

The girl came to her senses and walked to the Ms.’s;

the woman, "What’s your name?"

"My name is Ella Jane."

"Come on Ella Jane,

it’s time for your pain."

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