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Benny's Belzoni Christmases

Belzoni is a town filled with Christmas cheer. Children waiting to get new phones, clothes, hair, and much more. Adults waiting to see the smiles on their children’s faces once they find the gift they begged for all year under the tree. But everyone isn’t as fortunate as us. Specifically, Benny Smith. He has lived in Belzoni all of his life.

He wasn’t always so unfortunate.

Benny Smith was the perfect image of an achiever. When he was in high school, he was an A-student, quite athletic, and was involved in many extracurricular activities. When he graduated, he was valedictorian of his class. He also had two-million dollars worth of scholarships by himself if he later attended college and got his degrees.

Benny had a good-paying job and a wonderful wife. Or so he thought! It was a Wednesday morning when everything went spiraling down. Benny was informed that he had to be let go from his job because they found someone better qualified for it. Benny thought he didn’t have a problem because he knew he had other jobs lined up. But boy was he wrong!

The company had only wanted him because it had a certain image of him. His job offers went down the drain and so did a lot more! Benny lost his wife, his home, all of his luxury cars, and sooo much more. When Benny didn’t think it could get any worse, it did! Benny had no one there with him at his lowest, and he had no way to cope. Benny ended up moving back to his hometown of Belzoni and he started from square one.

As Benny made it back into town, he soon realized that he had no place to stay, no friends, no family, no nothing. All he had was the street and a blanket he managed to salvage from his home. Benny had really lost all hope and didn't know what to do with himself. Benny walked the streets of Belzoni, crying and moping and not knowing what to do.

After walking continuously, he finally found a secluded fern behind a building and went to sleep. The next morning, Benny woke up with a growling stomach. Benny knew sooner or later he was going to have to find food and a better shelter. Benny managed to get someone to buy him a sausage biscuit.

Benny was glad that the day was finally over, and he managed to make it through. As Benny was falling asleep, he popped up and made a vow that he wasn’t going to mope around anymore; he was going to wake up the next morning, go look for a new job, and start over!

The next morning finally arrived, and Benny was ready for a day full of job searches. Benny went from place to place, bringing his credentials and his hope in his back pocket. After being turned down five times, Benny wanted to give up! But something was telling him to go check his last resort, which was the local law office in town.

Benny walked in with high hopes, praying that they had a position listed that fit his qualifications. Benny was called to the back, and he was interviewed by the boss, who told him to go up front until he could further review his resume.

Benny walked away with his head held high, knowing he got the job. Soon enough he was called back and was told that he could start working as soon as possible, and with that being said, he cried and thanked the heavens.

Benny started working at the law office and soon got back to normal. He bought a house in Belzoni and met a new woman. After his one time of misfortune, he vowed to never ever leave his hometown again! Christmas that next year was once again filled with cheer, not only for Belzoni but also for Benny.

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