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The Wars That Wage: From Poverty to Kate Spade

The news of Kate Spade’s recent suicide shines light on the common circumstance of humanity: suffering. It is the sole common ground that we all share, from our poverty-stricken brothers and sisters in third-world countries to some of the most prominent people of our society, such as Kate Spade, suffering is our souls’ shared stance. Opposition never ceases to find its position in life, and no matter one’s intense efforts to survive its wrath, one can’t be immune from the epidemic of experiencing suffering. Our common ground. Our common war.

That’s what this is. It is war. It is war that wages from the inside out, and then from the outside in. A cycle that continues and finds each, individual soul as its venue. Each soul. I think that is remarkable when truly grasped. Billions of souls. 195 countries. Over 6,000 languages spoken. Yet each soul suffers. This is a common war that, in return, could restore. Could unite. Could add oxygen to our fight against the battles within that are constantly taking flight. To realize that we are not alone in our fight is the first step to overcoming the battles already in our sight and the ones that are to come. This is the realization that could bring together every nation, every tongue, every enemy. Every soul.

We suffer. It is our common ground. The epidemic that no amount of money, status, or possession can cure. We are the cure. Together. Us. Though miles and oceans apart, we are the cure for our own broken hearts. Broken yet beautiful. Beggars searching for Bread. The search must continue. Until we find the Thee that will someday our suffering defeat. This epidemic, we can’t alone beat. But our suffering has a Savior. So, together, we can rejoice that our suffering isn’t forever.

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