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A Prayer for Las Vegas

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas."

That's our prayer these days isn't it? For this evil to stay in Vegas. For this evil to end in Vegas.

Tears filled my eyes as I read the news for the first time. News of a mass shooting at a concert, right here on our own soil. A concert. Where I've spent many nights. Where I'm sure you have spent many nights as well.

Evil and Hate have a name, and it's Satan. He prowls around just waiting for a weak spot to appear within our souls. A weak spot that His distractions can slip into. He consumes us beginning with our thoughts, and our thoughts birth action.

How long will we allow Satan to control our thoughts?

How long will we allow Satan to slip into the deepest parts of our being?

How long will we run from Christ and withhold His power?

We pray for peace, O Lord. We pray for Your hand and we pray for Your power to invade, beginning with our individual hearts.

Madeline Burdine is one of three college interns with Mississippi Matters. She has a remarkable gift of cutting to the core of issues and putting into words what many others feel. She wrote this meditation on Oct. 3rd, the day of the massacre. Nine days later, these thoughts are good for our souls.

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