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Who's responsible for radical anti-Christian military dictates? Local ex-Pentagon official says

I joined the United States Air Force in 1984. I was a late-bloomer, coming in around my late twenties and I had no idea what I was in for. After nearly three decades of living in that environment I can honestly say I miss it. There was a brotherhood and a sisterhood that melded all races, faiths and ethnic cultures into a solid shield called National Defense and we were (most of us) proud of what we belonged to.

Commanders led the way and First Sergeants kept us humble and on the correct compass points. I went from a know-nothing "Butterbar" to a "know-a-bit" Colonel and I wouldn't trade all of those experiences for anything except heaven.

Unfortunately, right before I went to the Pentagon there was a dark cloud forming over the Services. Some people were deeply offended that military personnel were talking about their Christian faith, that prayer was occurring in staff meetings and too much focus was being leveled onto the Judeo-Christian Abba Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

So the wonks in the military ranks bent over like long blades of grass in a gale and accommodated all who were grieving by establishing Wiccan Shrines, Muslim Calls to Prayer and Buddhist Meetings.

And it wasn't a situation where military generals had a change of heart about their own faith principles. The military has to do what Congress tells them to do or retire or quit when the directives become too onerous to bear.

Which brings me to my point about blades of grass bending so rapidly. It is not safe to assume that the majority of our military leadership believes in the Gospel. In fact, it's "Pollyanish" to do so. The United States Military is simply a 1% microcosm of the general population and within that bubble are only a small percentage of leaders, officer and enlisted, who will "stand in the gap" for Christ.

Just because you see the maturity of "good order and discipline" and courage on the battlefield doesn't mean that the majority of our military are Scouts (oops, they've been compromised, as well).

So a Congress that dictates transgender recruiting is its own representation of the general public of Americans-at-large. Do such policies have a tremendously negative effect on good order and discipline? You're damned skippy. Is it a distraction from the strategic training and the preparations for the inevitable "fog of war"? Absolutely.

But YOU allowed it to happen, not the military. You, the voter, decided that a tiny fraction of a percentile of sexual gender confusion could disrupt so much of the taxpayer's military because you sent your representatives to Congress with such agendas.

And as far as quitting or retiring goes, many commanders and first sergeants feel such a strong obligation to their troops and for their nation they will not abandon their posts even though Congress delivers them a fecal sandwich.

Our military will stand fast as it always has and will deal with the effects of the grievance class within our society. We'll change our bathrooms and showers and we will do whatever Congress tells us to do. That's why we're a Republic with citizens in charge of a standing military. For those of you who are still serving, I wish you a safe and happy BOHICA.

Mike Odom is a former actor who studied

at The Lee Strasberg Institute and NYU School

of the Arts. He has appeared in numerous stage

plays, television and commercials. He served for

28 years with the Air Force and is a retired colonel.

He currently operates two businesses in the

Jackson Metro Area.

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