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Dealing with fear, panic, and self-defeating behavior

Phil Hardin weekly teaches the Highland Colony Men's Roundtable--attended by scores of Metro-Jackson men. The group meets on Thursday mornings 6:45AM-7:45AM at C Spire (1018 Highland Colony Parkway, 1st floor)

Live video and replays are online at

Todays full message can be accessed at

The 12-Step process is an experience of being changed by a loving, supportive God who knows what we need and helps us through our pain to see and give up our own selfish agendas and surrender to His. The 12-Steps offer a structure of discipline to become holy and whole. Our task is to remove the self-imposed blocks or character defects that stand between God and us. We do this so we can be awakened, meet God personally with our own true selves, and do his will. The 12-Steps are like scaffolding that allows the "spiritual house" of our personal life to be built. This study of the 12-Steps will be an amazing spiritual adventure. Act like a man!

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