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Weary Traveler...Check that Luggage

Weary Traveler...Check that Luggage by Jenny Cox Holman, Jenny Cox Holman writer

We all know that traveling through a busy airport with rolling, cumbersome suitcases makes it difficult to move freely and navigate through the crowds and the clutter filled security lines. Watching those efficient travelers with their small briefcases whisk through security seems much more stress-free.

Imagine those things weighing you down that bring you back to moments of the past or hold you from fully enjoying the future. Have you been deeply wronged by someone? Did the job end in utter disappointment? Was there a gut-wrenching phone call that brought the news of a diagnosis filling you with deep fear?

Imagine for a moment that you could tangibly pack a suitcase with those things - things that fill your thoughts in the stillness of the night with tears, doubts and disappointment. But this suitcase isn’t meant to be pulled behind you as a carry-on to your destination.

Life is a journey, and weary traveler…it’s time to check that luggage filled with the messiness of life. Pack up and take those worries, heartaches and fears and check that luggage with The One that will handle that delicate luggage with care. We weren’t meant to travel down this journey of life alone and all weighed down. God knows. And God cares for you right where you are. Give it to Him. He is standing there waiting to take that heavy luggage off your hands.

And if you find yourself in a place on this journey of life where you have a free hand, be that fellow traveler that shares words of encouragement or tangible acts of service to help shoulder the weight of someone else’s burdensome luggage.

We are all fellow travelers in this journey of life. Plan traveling the journey ahead with all your luggage checked, taken care of and handled by our loving and tender God. ~

{Written by: Jenny Cox Holman}

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