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Mr. Rob: Doing Things the Cheerful Chick-fil-A Way

The smell of the famous chicken nuggets is floating through the air in Chick-fil-A. It is a very busy place and there are a lot of people here for lunch. Mr.Rob, the manager, stands outside in the hot sun checking on his employees as they share a smile and interact with the customers.

Mr. Rob is someone who many people know and admire. His commitment to Chick-fil-A reflects his personality and strong character.

He is happy and talkative, and interacts with his workers and customers. He knows a lot about his job and would be able to tell you many interesting details about it and he has many funny stories to tell.

A Slip of the Hand

“Here is one terrible experience I’ve had while working at Chick-Fil- A. We have tea pitchers that are up on a shelf, and one time I reached for it but the nozzle popped of and about three or four gallons were pouring out all over me. It was shooting out like a hose and it got all over my clothes and the floor, but I kept on going. After I had cleaned all of the sticky mess up, I had to borrow an old T-shirt from the office to wear the rest of the day,” Mr. Rob said.

Meeting and Greeting

Mr. Rob has many customer experiences. “My favorite part of working at Chick-fil-A was meeting with the customers. A man who works nearby brings his mother, who broke her hip, and we wrote her a get well card.” Another favorite customer of his was an older couple who come almost every day for lunch. “I like seeing them sitting with their friends.” Chick-fil-A is not just a restaurant it is the center of community for many families.

Faith in His Work and Life

Mr. Rob also displays his faith in Jesus by how he treats his employee. He is patient in training them, and he has new and experienced workers. He enjoys working with high school students and he is a good mentor for them. He arrives each day with a good attitude and is a good team builder. He was a former school teacher and his leadership in the classroom was displayed thru his management position. He is a loving father and a good friend.

Our community is filled with men and women like Mr. Rob. We benefit from their hard work and commitment that make our community stronger.

Allie Brock is 12 and attends St. Augustine School in Ridgeland, Mississippi. She has studied at The Well Writers Guild for three months. The Well Writers Guild is the mother organization of Mississippi Matters. It is devoted to finding and mentoring promising young writers like Allie, whose future as a writer is very bright! Congratulations Allie on your first published work!

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