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Unplugged Travel: Social Media Zombies No More

Unplugged Travel: Social Media Zombies No More by Jenny Cox Holman, Jenny Cox Holman writer

Have we become a generation of social media zombies who are driven by the desire to be in the know socially and constantly update our social media peers to our daily grind? Have we forgotten what it's like to experience days away from the manic media craze to enjoy face-to-face interactions without our nose glued to our phone? Phones have become the grown-up umbilical cord of sorts - supplying daily nourishment that is fortified in a bunch of fluff and filters to try to quench an endless appetite that keeps us scrolling, liking and checking notifications on emoji-filled posts.

When it comes to that time of the year when you are taking a road trip, couples getaway or holiday family vacation, where do your phone and social media moments fall in as a priority? Consider my thoughts on how to enjoy travel and time with your loved ones away from that digital companion.

{Consider Using a Camera that is Not Your Cell Phone}

We all want to capture those unforgettable vacation moments from beautiful scenic sights to photographs with our travel companions. Consider investing in a nice digital camera to carry along to snap those shots during your vacation. If you choose to use your telephone, try to wait until a later time to post pictures online, so you can really enjoy the moment immersed in the present and not in the digital portal of social media.

{Eye Contact & Engaging Conversations are Void with Constant Social Media Use}

Isn't it fun to explore new restaurants on trips with delicious cuisines with your loved ones? There is nothing better than great conversations over delectable food. But wait...the person across from you is constantly looking down, not at their food, but at their phone. Eye contact and engaging conversations go hand-in-hand and social media is a conversation killer to people physically present around you. Engaging in online chatter with virtual pals sends a message to the people you are with that you are distracted and not interested in the present. Why miss that time with those you love?

{Step Away from the Never Ending Quest for the Perfect Picture}

The perfect lighting, the right angle and the best filter for a vacation photo taking fest is a mission for the social media savvy generation. Iconic sightseeing locations on vacations don't have to only be the next selfie spot. Is it possible to take some time to stop, appreciate and use your senses to enjoy sightseeing?

Selfie self-control is a good habit to try to be less annoying to your travel companions. Sure, take some pictures and selfies, but be reasonable and limit how many you take and post on social media. Rest assured that during times of reflecting back on vacations the most memorable times won't be remembering when Grandma was in front of the Statue of Liberty on the sightseeing boat and she took that crazy funny photo with the Snapchat dog face lens.

Also, give your food a break. Why constantly pull out your phone like it is a salt and pepper shaker hovering over your food? We all know how many pictures it took to make your plated savory cuisine or sweet treats look that way. Your tastebuds will thank you for no more technology driven delays!

{Today is All You Really Have}

We don't like to get serious, but the truth is that today is all you really have.

The little one building sandcastles by the seaside, the special someone beside you on the car ride to your favorite road trip destination and the parents sitting across from you at the table on your family vacation will one day not be with you.

Life is fleeting, but can be truly beautiful so be present today. The phones, notifications and social media can wait. Hold on dearly to the memories in your mind's eye with those travel companions that you love because today is a treasure waiting to be fully experienced distraction free.

{Blog by: Jenny Cox Holman}

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