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Boy/Girl Scouts? Don't Join. Better Options Are Available.

The Boy Scouts now want to be the Boy/Girl Scouts. And, alas, they wonder why so many of us are…um, peeved.

I was a terrible Boy Scout. I achieved the designation of “Second Class” and quit. But I saw such incredible value in the program that I vowed that when I had children they would get in, stay in, and soak the experience for all that it was worth.

Indeed, that is what happened. I have five sons and all of them achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. They put it on their resume. Their Dad brags about the five for five thing all the time. As pleased as I can be.

But it was somewhere during the fifth son’s ascent to Eagle that the Scouts moral legs started quivering a bit. Supporting corporations were putting the squeeze on headquarters, apparently, to cave to the LGBTQ agenda and allow self-proclaimed aberrant sexualities as participants and leaders of the troops.

Son #5 quickly got his rank and we closed down the troop at the church. And we weren’t alone. Both nationally and locally troops started dropping like flies and fleeing for greener Scouting pastures.

That trend had already begun for the Girl Scouts. Long fans of the “progressive” homosexual and abortion agendas the Girl Scouts had been shedding members for years. In their place more conservative parents have opted for American Heritage Girls which is a superior program with a more distinct accentuation on Judeo-Christian values (our daughter achieved the “Eagle” equivalent with them – the Star and Stripes award).

And the exodus from the Boy Scouts accelerated as moms and dads opted for Trail Life groups (basically a Christian Boy Scouts knock-off) that vowed to be more faithful to what the best of the Boy Scout tradition was supposed to be embracing with their now beleaguered efforts.

So…why did the Boy Scouts open up their grand institution to girls this week? With no love for the Girl Scouts, they looked over at their supposed counterparts (they are actually not related and no real love lost between them) and said, “Hey, young ladies, c’mon over. Help us with our flagging membership numbers. The new American ethic is ‘there is no difference between the genders’ and, hey, we have always been better that the girls program anyway.”

Don’t do it, ladies. Race on over to the American Heritage troop nearest you. And Boy Scouts? The better option today isn’t gender integration, but Trail Life. There is a troop nearby and more cropping up monthly.

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