Statewide Health & Wellness Event Draws Crowd

On Tuesday, the annual "Eat-Move-Relax" health & wellness fair in the state capital drew a variety of expert speakers, specialists and vendors, including several state-based natural food providers such as Collins, Mississippi, resident Jaclyn Rogers, who does beef "honestly"; and Brandon-based Gab Porter, owner of "A Little Time to Grow," who raises micro-grains, herbs and plants supplied to restaurants and local consumers. The gathering successfully showcased the growing interest in alternative approaches to good health. Speakers and vendors included experts in nutrition, holistic nursing and integrative medicine; sober living and addiction recovery; healing-, art-, music-. massage- hug- and hypnotherapy; stress and life management; spiritual concepts; and more. Event organizer Suzie Foote, RN, CHTP, is a seasoned holistic nurse and a certified healing touch practitioner. Mississippi Matters will feature an interview with Suzie soon. Mississippi is sometimes considered a bit predictable, but these enthusiastic folks--many state-based--are anything but that!

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