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It All Goes Back in the Box

Jenny Cox Holman Writer, Jenny Cox Holman writer, It All Goes Back in the Box by Jenny Cox Holman

Who doesn’t love a great board game? We can all recall those fun times gathered around a game as we shared a good competition filled with laughter. One of my favorite board games of all times is Monopoly. Monopoly is a game that combines luck, strategy and tactics to accumulate property and money as players try to strategically keep their possessions.

It’s funny how a simple board game like Monopoly can replicate this fleeting life. We work to accumulate possessions - from homes, to vehicles and the latest craze of must-haves. We try to maintain and manage monetary possessions to make sure we have just the “right amount of money” to build security in our lives. Yet those things never fill the depths of our hearts with what we truly seek - a deep-seated peace, a need for approval and acceptance and unconditional love.

Reflecting back on playing Monopoly, at the end of the game, what happens? All the pieces, the material possessions, go back into the box. Just as in Monopoly, all those material possessions that surround your life will one day no longer matter.

Let the things of this world lose their grip on your desires. Hold tightly to what cannot be taken, lost, or forgotten - sincere love shared with those in your life, kindness that can be freely given and a recognition that a rich life is filled with beautiful memories made with people you love in this journey of life. ~

Written by: Jenny Cox Holman


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