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21 GRISLY facts revealed about JPS

Looks like Jackson (MS) Public Schools (JPS) will be taken over by the state because the school system “poses life-threatening conditions for students and staff."

Here's a list of MDE's findings from late 2016 and early 2017 (actual quotes):

• “physically unsafe learning environment and facilities”

• “substandard facilities and instruction”

• “physical and verbal abuse by teachers”

• “unlicensed teachers in the classroom”

• “teachers without certification in subject areas being taught”

• “teachers absent from classrooms”

• “inadequate support from administrators”

• “inadequate funding”

• “improper maintenance of facilities”

• “improper record keeping to document graduation requirements”

• “improper monitoring of metal detectors”

• “metal detectors set off with no intervention by staff”

• “unsupervised students roaming hallways”

• “lack of fire extinguishers”

• “lack of air conditioning”

• “lack of evacuation plans”

• “lack of smoke detectors”

• “lack of windows”

• “lack of working bathroom facilities”

• “inoperable toilets”

• “unsanitary conditions”

According to MDE, JPS violates 22 out of 32 state accreditation standards.

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