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A Warm Community for Honest Reflection & Thoughtful Chats

Confused and frustrated by others and by his state, Horace Benbow in William Faulkner’s Sanctuary says, “I need a change. Either I, or Mississippi, one.”

Do we sometimes feel like Horace?

We love our state, but it sometimes confounds us.

Mississippimatters' creative co-op of writers, videographers and thinkers invites wrestling with such tensions.

MM will reflect, suggest and chat.

Some entries will be a bit pensive. We'll feature investigative articles other publications avoid. Lots of lighthearted ideas about enjoyable people, places and things will be included. Expect an eclectic mix.

If we're easily pegged politically or socially, we need to do better. Let us know.

It’s so true—we in the Magnolia State often feel like Horace Benbow. Faulkner tapped into us.

How about us doing some head-scratching together?

Let’s laugh, muse and talk. After all, mississippimatters.

-- The Editors

Let’s laugh, muse and talk. After all, Mississippi Matters.

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