Despite funding peaks and valleys, tuition increases continue for state universities

According to an examination of data since 2006 from the Mississippi Institutes For Higher Learning (IHL) and Mississippi Center for Public Policy’s, tuition hikes have occurred with the state’s universities even in years when there were funding increases.

Since 2000, the state’s general fund spending on its universities has endured some peaks and valleys thanks to a pair of recessions. In the last 11 years, Legislature appropriations for universities has increased seven times. Yet, on average, resident tuition rates have increased nearly every year for all of the state’s universities. The national inflation rate during that time has averaged 1.76 percent.

Here are tuition increases from each of the state’s universities since 2007:

1. Mississippi Valley State University

Since 2007, annual resident tuition at Mississippi Valley State University has increased from $4,247 to $6,402 for the 2018 school year. That’s a 50.7 percent increase, the lowest in the state during that time frame.

2. Alcorn State University

It’s getting costlier for students to study at the Reservation. Alcorn State University’s resident annual tuition cost $4,156 in 2007 and has increased by 65.4 percent to $6,878 for the 2018 school year. That’s the second lowest increase in the state.

3. Mississippi University for Women

Tuition at the Mississippi University for Women has had the third smallest increase of the state’s universities since 2007. During that time, annual tuition has increased 65.6 percent to $6,514. from $3,933 in 2007.

4. Delta State University

In the last 11 years, the Institutes for Higher Education Board has voted for resident tuition increases eight times for Delta State University. In 2007, resident annual tuition cost $4,000 and has increased by 68 percent to $6,739 for the 2018 school year.

5. University of Southern Mississippi

Going to the top has increased nearly every year, as tuition for residents is now up to $8,108 from $4,593 in 2007. For those keeping score at home, that’s an increase of 76.5 percent.

6. Jackson State University

The cost of being a Jackson State University Tiger has increased every year but one since 2007. In 2007, resident annual tuition cost $4,224. The IHL Board approved another increase for the 2018 school year and tuition now costs $7,501, a 77.5 percent hike since 2007.

7. University of Mississippi

Mississippi residents wanting to attend school in Oxford are having to dig deeper into their pockets, as tuition has increased every year except for one at the University of Mississippi. In 11 years, the price for attending Ole Miss has increased 77.9 percent, rising from $4,608 in 2007 to $8,190 for the 2018 school year.

8. Mississippi State University

Students wanting to ring their cowbells have had to dig deeper into their wallets in the last 11 years. Since 2007, the IHL board has voted for resident tuition increases every year for Mississippi State University students. In 2007, resident tuition was $4,595 per year, but that cost has increased more than 78 percent to $8,108 for the 2018 school year.

Special thanks also to state Rep. Andy Gipson (R-Braxton) and his Mississippi Truth Journal, which provided data for the 2018 school year.

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