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Victoria found meaning

In a small country there lived families that celebrated Christmas dearly.

Everything was decorated from the tippy-top. Until one day, there was a family that wasn’t so fortunate to celebrate Christmas. But they gave their children their all.

Then one day an unknown woman dressed all in red and green came up to them and asked all of the people of the country to eat a magical bean. The families were confused on who this woman was. Was she a goddess? A supernatural being? A powerful superpower? A ballistic being who wanted to destroy the world forever?

Whoa, that was a lot to say there!

Her name was Victoria, and she went any and everywhere, coming to families when they needed her most. “Eat this magical bean,” she told the families, “and your worlds will all change forever.”

The families thought, “Why should we trust a stranger?”

Victoria was shocked about the families’ negative responses. She tried and tried to persuade the families to eat the magical bean.

“It will work,” she told them.

So the families finally ate the magical bean. After all, it was Christmas and they didn't think it would be polite to turn down the gift.

When they ate it, everything changed, fading away in a wink of an eye.

BOOM!!! their lives changed. They had big houses, great clothes, and lots of money. ALL OF IT!!!

The families were excited about what Victoria had brought upon them.

Days passed and the families loved every speck of their new life. But eventual the families started feeling down.

“And why is that?” Victoria asked them.

One of the families replied, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.” All of the families gave all of their new belongings to people who truly needed it the most.

Victoria was utterly angry and thought, “What could have possibly done wrong?”

Then Victoria realized that in the life the families lived before she came, all of the families were actually happy just the way they were. Still, Victoria was confused about what this different kind of happiness meant. So she hung around for a couple days. She saw love and happiness within the families. She saw that they didn’t need money to make them happy.

Now, Victoria too has finally found the meaning. She has learned about the truth. And she lives very happy Christmases now. Around Christmas every year, Victoria is with those families. The moral of this story is, “Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

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