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Christmas in Silver City and Belzoni

Christmas is one of the earliest traditions that has been celebrated all

over the world.

During Christmas people enjoy shopping and meeting each other,

among other fun activities.

It seems like the celebration goes on and on until New Years Day.

Christmas trees are one of the most-used symbols in all of the world.

People cut or buy Christmas trees and decorate them to suit their mood.

In many countries people organize parties many weeks before

Christmas Day. There is often plenty to do during the Season.

Some of my favorite Christmas memories are the parties and playing in

the snow. My cousin and I play knockout. It is a game where we throw

snowballs at each other, and the first one to fall loses. Then that person

has to get buried in the snow.

Where I live in Silver City, everyone rides four-wheelers and other

things during Christmas. Then I go to Belzoni, and the fun continues.

Christmas is about having fun, being with my family, and celebrating

Jesus. Those are three very important things.

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