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Big media mouths: "Do as I say but I'll say what I want."

I dislike Roseanne Barr in pretty much every way, and I detest what she said about Valerie Jarrett, but I think I dislike and detest the national mainstream media's duplicity even more.

Alicia Powe on Gateway Pundit cites just a few of the morally superior media elites who live by the motto, "Do as I say, but I'll say what I want" when it comes to their own filthy mouths.

* * *

Inside ABC, there’s now a sense of pride in how quickly this controversy was contained,” CNN reported.

But what about the treatment of left leaning entertainers who say the most hateful things in the book and get a pass?

-- Jimmy Kimmel’s show is still on air despite his skit donning blackface, mocking black atheletes.

-- Comedian Wanda Sykes was a producer on Roseanne and the first to quit following Roseanne’s tweets.Sykes has called President Trump an orange ape.

-- The View’s Joy Behar mocked Vice President Mike Pence’s faith and said that the way he prayed to Jesus was a “mental illness.” She didn’t apologize until a month later.

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann was just recently given an expanded role at ESPN.

Both ESPN and ABC fall under Disney’s umbrella.

-- Olbermann has called Omarosa “Trump’s pet,”conservative journalist Michelle Malkin “a big mashed-up piece of meat with lipstick on it,” former Deputy Assistant to President Trump Sebastian Gorka a “Nazi f**k,” Donald Trump Jr. a “rat-faced git” and President Trump a “white supremacist neo-nazi.”

* If you haven't yet, check out A.F. Branco's daily cartooning at Great stuff!

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