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Jackson novelist's 1st book hits #1 again; 2nd book coming!


That's how long "The Hate U Give" by Jackson's own Angie Thomas has been on the New York Times Top Ten Young Adult Bestsellers List. And the book just jumped again this week back to #1!

Thomas is a board member of Mississippi Matters's parent organization. She helps our organization find and gather young talented writers into "select" mentoring groups to develop their writing skills just as any gifted youth does in any other "select activity."

More great updates on Angie:

-- Thomas's second book, "On the Come Up," is released this month.

-- Angie just made the cover of the highly influential "Bookseller" magazine.

-- Early reports about the Hollywood movie "The Hate U Give" say the soon-coming release is great.

Way to go Angie!

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