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It's International Women's Day - Should Women Be Brawny?

Today is International Women's Day.

It's a good time for celebrating all of the positive advances made for and by women in America and around the world.

Even paper towel packages are making statements. (These two packages were spotted by Mississippi Matters at a local Kroger.) Heck, I'm a "guy" who has my own beliefs, but I'd rather hear yours today. I do know that great progress has been made in indisputable ways.

Mississippi Matters finds it hard to fathom

  • When women couldn't vote;

  • When sexual harassment wasn't even an issue or a legal concern;

  • When women were not allowed to attend excellent universities;

  • When women were blocked from the workplace and the best jobs;

  • When women were not allowed to participate and excel in sports.

On International Women's Day, some media push ideas about femininity that seem absurd. Everyone seems to want to make a statement about what it means to be an excellent, strong woman.

  • Does it mean being "Brawny?"

  • Does it mean being "(Southern) Bellish?"

  • Does it mean being "Gender Neutral?"

  • Does it mean being a "Family Traditionalist?"

  • Does it mean being "Sexually Assertive."

  • Does it mean being "Sexually Monogamous?"

  • Does it mean being "a-Religious Patriarchalism?"

  • Yada yada yada.

Women (and men), we welcome your thoughts.


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