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Silly bills from the Mississippi Legislature include making the Bible the state book

UNDER THE DOME: Mississippi legislators have already submitted 433 bills for consideration with the session only three days old. Photo by Steve Wilson

The Mississippi Legislature has been in session only since Tuesday and legislators have already submitted 433 bills for consideration.

Most of them tackle serious issues, but some are just silly. Here are a few of the worst offenders:

A new state book

House Bill 130 would designate the Bible as the state's official book and was authored by state Rep. Tom Miles (D-Forest). The bill has already been double-referred, which means it was sent to two committees (House Tourism and Rules committees) and that is usually a death sentence for a bill. A similar bill died in committee last year.

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A new state song

State rep. Scott Delano (R-Biloxi) authored House Bill 221, which would designate Mississippi, by Ed Thomas, as the new state song. It would replace Go Mississippi as the state's official song and is headed to the House Tourism Committee. A similar bill failed last year to replace the old state song, which was adopted in 1972.

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