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Feminists Sowed Bad Seed, Now May Reap Roy Moore

The special election for Alabama Senate is almost upon us, and it ought to be a feminist dream. The Republican, Roy Moore, is on the ropes. He is a conservative in Alabama, for cryin’ out loud, and yet is getting pummeled daily.

Prediction—he will win, anyway.

In any normal year, he would be a goner. And should be. But this is no normal year. We are a twelve months into having elected to the presidency a proud and serial womanizer and adulterer who owns casinos and strip clubs. So, sensitivities are de-sensitized when it comes to—dare we say it?—sin.

As if that backdrop weren’t enough, there are new revelations daily that our television and cultural heroes, whom we stare at nightly on our HDTVs, are sexual predators of the worst variety. The problem is so ubiquitous and so longstanding, we are learning, that the disclosures are growing—yawn—boring.

And then we find out that the Democrat in the upcoming Alabama election is, well, a Democrat. Which means, of course, that he is pro-abortion, pro-socialized health care, pro-taxation, pro-union, pro-big government, pro-all-manner-of-social-and-cultural-deviance.

So, Alabama has to make a choice: Roy Moore, who as an adult has exhibited a preference for very young women (as young as 14-18, apparently) and who, if the charges are correct (and from a legal standpoint, how do you ever prove such things) has had a lifetime of serious sexual control issues on that front; or Doug Jones, who is clearly on the opposite side from most Alabama voters on every economic and cultural issue.

Prediction, again—Moore will win.

This is Alabama, whose citizens are now forced into choosing either a man who thinks it fine to destroy a child in the womb or a man who—if his accusers are telling the truth—wants to sexually toy with children outside the womb. The Democrat straight-up affirms his desire to vote in favor of destroying babies (to name just one cultural issue) and the Republican vociferously denies the string of women lining up against him with personal testimonies of sexual transgressions.

And Alabamians know that things are tight, really tight, on the voting majority scene in the U.S. Senate.

Back to the feminist dream. Here they are, Democrats all, appearing poised to steal from the pro-family, pro-life, pro-God crowd a Senate seat in the most conservative of states. Amazing.

But they probably won’t, and only they are to blame. They blinked when they had a chance to act righteously within their worldview and their political party against womanizer and adulterer Bill Clinton. They voted for his political leadership over charges of molestation and rape. And they knew better.

Now, with Democrat Senator Al Franken day-by-day putting distance between himself and his own charges of inappropriate behavior towards women without career-ending feminist backlash—well, who is to believe them when they scream their fury against Roy Moore?

The feminists of this nation have reaped this moment by virtue of their choice of political expediency over moral principle. It’s sad, it’s distasteful, it’s wrong—and they earned it.

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