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What Do Our Eyes Choose to See When We Look Into the World?

What do your eyes see when you look into the world? Or maybe I should say, what do your eyes CHOOSE to see when you look into the world?

It's no secret that this world is full of darkness and disaster. House fires and hurricanes. Shootings and smoking. Drugs and death. Cancer and crime.

Evil lurks around us, waiting to devour.

But there's also the sunrises and sunsets. Healing and hope. Love and laughter. Peace and purity.

What do we choose to see?

Because we have that choice. The choice to see good in godless acts. The choice to see beauty in broken people. The choice to see opportunity in obstacles. The choice to see God in the grace we don't deserve.

What will we choose to see when we look into the world around us? And what kind of change could the world see if we chose to change what WE see?

God is good. Therefore, good is all around us. Let's choose to see good.

Let's choose to see God.

When Ole Miss Head Coach Hugh Freeze's tragedy occurred, Madeline Burdine responded with a post on her blog that was so powerful and beautiful that it drew 6.9K likes, 1.2k comments and 2.8k shares. The 19-year-old writer and blogger calls herself a "Christ Follower, Passionista, Book Reader, and Heart Sharer." Happily, now her writing will be shared with readers of mississippimatters.

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