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Merry Christmas from Mississippi Matters!

December 24, 2018

In my dream, this was the best Christmas

December 23, 2018

If Jesus appeared out of nowhere

December 23, 2018

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Finding young writers. Taking Them to New Levels!

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A new grass-roots writing initiative identifies talented young writers and gives them the same "select" opportunity that their peers in sports and music have. The results are already are great and the plans for growth statewide are big. 

December 23, 2018

“Class,” Mrs. Daniels said once we had all finished our tests. “Now that we are done with our assessments for the semester, we are going to do something different today and tomorrow. We are going to do a service project in downtown Jackson.”

Someone—probably Marcus—gro...

December 23, 2018

Once Upon A Time, there was a young farm boy who lived in a shack on a hill. Most of his days were spent as a shepherd, but on occasion, they were spent as a warrior.

One day, while he was out tending his sheep, he heard screams and roars. He rushed over the side of a h...

December 23, 2018

Lying in a manger

so sweet and chubby

tears streaming down his face

the pressure put on him was immense, just a child

with the weight of the world on his shoulders

lying in a manger

forgotten and dismissed

he would make the world better and free of danger

if not for the king


December 23, 2018

It was the night before Christmas, and I just got kicked out of my house. “Go find something better to do,” my mom said as she shut the door. I muttered a curse under my breath. It was freezing cold and she expected me to find “something” to do. I decided that standin...

December 23, 2018

A little girl is having a pout

because she wants to go out.

It's Christmas Eve;

snow is all she sees.

But this Christmas Eve

she has to see a doctor;

an evil doctor, 

the only one on the roster.

His name is Doctor Pepper,

he has spots on his bald head like a leopard.

His hair i...

December 23, 2018


It is going to be okay.

Let it be okay, because you’re not going to hurt forever.

The pain will eventually subside, and that’s scary,

but only because it’s not familiar.


She’s here.

She’s watching you,

Listening to you,

Being proud of you.

Let her be proud of the m...

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Confused and frustrated by others and his state, Horace Benbow in William Faulkner’s 

Sanctuary says, “I need a change. Either I, or Mississippi, one.”

     Do we sometimes feel like Horace? We love our state, but it confounds us.     

      Mississippimatters' creative co-op of writers, videographers and thinkers invites wrestling with such tensions.

     MM won't cover much breaking news. Instead, it will reflect, suggest  and chat.

     Some entries will be a bit deeper. We will feature investigative articles other publications avoid. Lots of lighthearted ideas will be tossed in about enjoyable people, places and things. Expect an eclectic mix.

      If we're easily pegged politically or socially, we need to do better. Let us know.

     Some contributors have "extra" degrees, others are "degree-less." All can write; they care and dare to share their hearts and minds (and they can turn a phrase).

    Our writers come from unlikely places. We think some of the best thinkers use a wrench. not a pen. 

     Some of our "takes" may upset you.Thanks for feeling! Some may prop up your opinions. We hope to prompt banter at water coolers, coffee shops and family tables.

     It’s so true—we in the Magnolia State often feel like Horace Benbow. Faulkner tapped into us. 

     How about us doing some head-scratching together?  

     Let’s laugh, muse and talk. After all, Mississippi Matters. 

                           The Editors

So why


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MississippiMatters is a news blog of cooperative writers, videographers and podcasters published by  The Well Writers Guild, a 501c3 devoted to mentoring Mississippi writers and to addressing uncovered or under-covered topics.  MississippiMatters focuses on offering creative "takes" on our state's culture, ideas, events and more.